WaveGuide Formµla™ Detects & Quantifies Nearly Anything Detect illness or quantify purity of materials with the power of the world’s first battery operated micro-nuclear magnetic resonance instrument. Perform critical medical, material and diagnostic tests on site using the world’s only battery-powered, portable μNMR. WaveGuide Formµla™ Goes Almost Anywhere Test most things from motor oil to olive oil, including pharma purity and pathogen presence, in minutes with no special training or technician required at a fraction of the cost. WaveGuide Formµla™ Is Quick and Easy

What Can WaveGuide Formµla™ Do For You?

“Is my intellectual property being stolen?”

WaveGuide Knows

“I need help with early detection of wear and tear.”

WaveGuide Can Help

“How can I test the purity & authenticity of my food or pharmaceuticals?”

WaveGuide Tests Nearly Anything

“I need to detect infectious disease in the field.”

WaveGuide Goes Almost Anywhere

What Can WaveGuide Test?


Using custom antibodies to test for cancer on site, in minutes.


Detect bacteria, virus & microorganisms quickly for safer materials, products and production.


Measure purity of everything from milk to motor oil on site.


Confirm the authenticity of your own IP or your vendors.

Wear & Tear

Accurately measure deterioration of product before catastrophic failure.


Tailor the WaveGuide Formµla™ to the specific needs of your organization.